Chanel Spring 2015 Beauty Campaign

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Chanel takes inspiration from the blooms of Paris’s gardens in Spring. The Spring 2015 palettes has a spectrum of shades ranging from delicate to deep.

Spring 2015 collection campaign showcases two distinct looks, inspired by the blossoming gardens of the city of romance.

Look I : The model dons a modern feminine look here. The look is sublime, mainly because of the eyes. As the eyes are not outlined, the lashes are volumized with have heavy coats of mascara. The eyelids show health, they are subtly coloured with peach with no visible buildup, the eyes are highlighted with a pop of light shimmery shade. The eyelids are similar to a petal of one the blooms in Paris garden. The eyebrow are strong  and well groomed,  gelled to hold them.

The skin is luminous, velvety and has colour. Again it shows a healthy skin with a good blood flow. The cheeks are flushed with peach color on them, while the cheekbones standout by being mildly contoured.

The lips brighten the whole look as it is as orange as orange can be, shining bright – LÈVRES SCINTILLANTES 188 Sunny.  The nails are silver. Hair is sleek and tied into a middle part pony.

The look has flowers framing the model, signifying her as one of the beautiful blooms in the spring garden of Paris. The model is wearing the iconic tweed from the House of Mademoiselle – Chanel.

Look II : This look seems more bold while being uber femine. The eyes are outlines with the black eyeliner. They are nude while the outer end being darkly while thinly smudged winging the eyes, the inner lid pops up with light shimmer. Lashes are individualised with the mascara. The brows are strong like the previous look. The face is velvety, again like the previous look. The pink on her cheeks signifies a neo  feminine look, being bold while having more contoured cheekbones than the previous look.

The lips are smacking with the color of the rose, being a bold pink in the likes of magenta. The nails don the same color. The hair are middle parted, smooth and tucked in Chanel’s signature tweed Jacket collared up.

The inspiration of this look seems to be Mademoiselle Chanel’s favourite flower – Camillia. The model is indulges herself into it, meterphorically bring out the beauty of Camilla.

See the video here:

Model:Vanessa Axente

Note: This is my personal interpretation of the campaign.

Glimpse from the Spring Collection:

Source : Chanel



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