Masaba Lite

Masaba Lite is the new launch from the House of Masaba. It is the affordable line for the young and preppy girl.The range encompasses all the essentials a girl should have from nightwear to casual wear to a lunch date to her first job interview. Accessories like eyepatches and socks are also included to oomph up the wardrobe. Like all the collections of Masaba, the prominent feature is the print. I like how Nappa Dori’s pink vanity case has been used, I like it so much that I want one now. The fact that the model looks very fresh and cheerful while maintaining a young girl’s charm builds a sweet connection.

My favourite piece : I mostly adore everything but I have a soft spot for the black crop top. The Overall trend is high and I am sure girls can carry that of, while the blazer and pants for the job interview looks chic.

The collection starts from INR 400 and goes up to INR 5000. It’s for girls with a tight budget, who live on allowance or an internship or salary that is just about it.

Store location: 103, Meherchand Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi


The collection will soon be available on Pernia’s Pop-up Shop!

About the Designer: Masaba is an inspiration for young girls. Especially those girls  for whom Masaba Lite is made for. Masaba is just 24 years old and her designs are one of the most copied designs in India. Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Photo Courtsey:  House of Masaba


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