Five Lazy Girl Hair Updos

In Delhi, the weather is unpredictable. You have no idea what climatic conditions will you be walking out to. There are days when your hair has had enough of heat or humidity. I know I am lazy like if there was a score on it I would be ranking first on it. So for girls like me – there are 5 EASY UPDOS, that hardly take time by Lifestyle Vlogger – K. L Cao


It’s best to use live-in-conditioner during this time of heat and humidity, gives your hair ample hydration and it is easy to maintain with no frizz.

Steps1: Grab your hair and arrange it on the side of your hair, after brushing and de-tangling it.

Step 2: Take an elastic and tie around a pony once, twice.

Step 3: Third time don’t pull all the way through leading to a loop.

Step 4: Grab the tail and wrap it around the loop. Use bobby pin to place

Step 5: Pin stray strands to as you like

Final look:

Pros: Volume, no stray hair


Step1: Position the pony on the top of the head

Step 2 : Same thing with the elastic. Tie around a pony once, twice

Step 3: Third time don’t pull all the way through leading to a loop. Bobby pin to place.


Step 4: The loop will naturally fan out on both sides. Take shorter strands and pin it.

Step 6: Push the loop down from the back.


Step 7: Finally you need a little hairspray to look prim and proper

Final look:


Step 1: Tie your hair to  high and tight ponytail.

Step2: Braid the ponytail from the back, till you reach the end.


Step 3: Starting at the base of the braid – pull out few strands from the side to create a flat pancake braid.

Step 4: After putting the elastic, swing the braid to one side of your head and hide the ends into the back of your end. Secure with bobby pin.


Step 5: Little hair spray so that it does not get loose.

Final look:


Step 1: Tie a high pony tail and wrap your hair around your hand.

Step 2: Grab the whole thing into a fist and tie another elastic randomly.

Step 3: Pull the bun to make it look big.

Step 4: Tuck it under and pin it to place.

Final Look:



Step 1: Tease the top of your hair to create volume.

Step 2: Tie a low ponytail at the bottom, pull the top a little to create puff.

Step 3: Take the second elastic and tie once, twice and leave a loop third time, like other buns.

Step 4: Put the hand through the loop and pull the tail to the other side. Now wrap the tail around the loop. Bobby pin into place.


Step 5: Push the loop upwards and pin inside the loop. Also you can tuck all the strays inside the loop to smooth the bun.

Final Look:


See easy isn’t it??? You can try them on when you are stepping out or for the weekend ahead. You can watch the complete video on K.L Cao’s Official YouTube page.

Courtesy: 5 Easy Heatless Updos/ Buns for the Lazy Chic



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