bhane. for me has personally changed the fashion scene in Delhi, not that I am an expert. The fact that everyone knows about it and if they don’t, they want to know – bhane.

bhane. has been the buzz word. It is not only about clothes but that attitude you wear, it is a brand you wear.

Guess who is the face of bhane.? It is someone like you or me – people from the street. They have created their lookbook socially on Facebook, consisting of individuals but collectively symbolizing – us as a whole. They have a high level of engagement on social media platform be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Their content played an important part to get them where they are. bhane.’s social content compromises mostly of looks that they have created for an outfit. As I mentioned before people like you are their brand faces – keeping that in mind they have styled each one with bhane. while not compromising on the elements individual to the person. Their clothes essentially compromise of simple elements. It is this simplicity that they play on and enhance it with their style to make it sheer awesomeness.

Now my favorite part – My Top Looks from bhane (gallery):

There is no one else who know’s how to host a party than bhane. They recently hosted the launch of their first store – bhane. WIP. If you missed it you should not see this:

#bhanelive from bhane. on Vimeo.

You can visit their store: Meherchand Market, Delhi or buy online – bhane.

Courtesy: Bhane. Facebook. bhanelove


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